Centre 1: Asian Cancer Hospital B1, Ashadeep Enclave, Nilay Kunj Road, Jaipur (INDIA)



Asian Cancer Research Institute provides comprehensive cancer care. Along with patient care research is a key component of the ACRI mission.

Research is an essential part of the Cancer Centre’s mission. For all these years, the Oncology Clinic has been involved in clinical and basic research related to cancer. We conduct research into the causes and mechanisms of cancer, with an emphasis on translating that work to clinical application, so that we can offer patients the benefits of these advances. Research at the Cancer Centre focuses on exploring fundamental pathways which are critically altered in tumor cells, and in identifying novel genes that are central to both development and cancer. The Centre for Cancer Research in Oncology Clinic is the basic research arm of our Cancer Centre, specifically the close interactions which exist with the Division of Medical Oncology. Laboratories on the same floor interact closely in the exploration of signaling and developmental pathways. There is a continuous exchange of ideas between investigators who pursue related issues in organisms. This group is widely recognised as one of the leading centres exploring the use of model organisms as genetic tools to elucidate pathways of importance in human cancer. There is still a lot of room for improvement in conventional cancer treatment. The only way forward is innovation and implementation. While innovation can be done in the lab, the implementation of new therapeutic ideas can be done through clinical research. Our clinic has been involved in a large number of clinical research projects. The consultants of the clinic are supported by motivated, trained and efficient clinical research professionals. We are involved in clinical trials of practically every cancer. We want to develop our Clinical Research Centre in a way that it would cater to every need in this field in future. This includes medical writing, clinical data management and pharmacovigilance training of clinical research professionals. There should be a training facility for clinical research practitioners where there are regular lectures and seminars for PG residents and general practitioners.


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Clinical Research

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Objectives of our Cancer Research:

To Conduct Research Into The Causes, Prevention, Diagnosis And Methods Of Cancer Treatment And Develop Strategies.

To Develop, Coordinate And Stimulate Translational And Clinical Research To Improve The Management Of Cancer And Related Problems.

To Uncover The Underlying Mechanisms Of Basic Molecular And Cell Biology To Underpin The Identification Of New Strategies For Cancer Therapeutics.

To Undertake Multidisciplinary Studies Involving Epidemiological, Behavioral, Clinical, Biochemical, And Molecular Biological Aspects To Understand The Natural History, Biological Behaviour And Mechanisms Of Carcinogenesis..


Arjun Meena
Arjun Meena
Bahut hi Shandar Hospital, Sabhi doctor, nursing staff ke साथ-साथ other staff bahut hi cooperative nature ka h. Jis ilaaj ke dusre hospital Lakhon rupaye Lete hain vah ilaaj Yahan hajaron mein hi ho Jata Hai.
deendayal saini
deendayal saini
Best cancer hospital in rajasthan
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man maurya
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चिरंजीवी योजना से भी बहुत बढ़िया ईलाज किया जाता हैं और मरीज की देखभाल परिजनो की तरह स्टाफ भी करता रहता है। डॉक्टर श्री मामराज गुप्ता जी बहुत अनुभवी है।

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